Hello stardust! I am Melissa, founder of THE. I’m of Thai descent, born and bred in sunny SoCal. I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a BS in Cognitive Sciences. Twenty two years, three precious kids, and eighteen and a half years in fashion later (what a twist, right?), I earned a Master’s Degree in Integrative Health with Applied Nutrition. I also obtained a certification in Integrative Nutrition, Applied Functional Medicine, and studied Preventive Cardiology at Stanford.

My health journey set in motion thirteen years ago during the course of my first pregnancy with Victoria in 2009.  After the previous decade of incessant lethargy, anemia, hypothyroidism, getting sick 3-4 times annually, and most cringe worthy of all, acne, I was referred to Bradley Birth and came across Food Inc. documentary in tandem with innumerable research. This eventually outlined my path in functional medicine.

Amid this expedition of life, I recognized that allopathic care, although advantageous for acute injuries, is comprised of limited tools which are either medication or surgery. This restricted scope of practice does not remedy symptoms from root causes. Instead, it enforces the band-aid effect. I believe that true healing stems from within and commences once we eat whole foods, exercise, get sun exposure, have quality sleep, hydrate, manage stress, experience joy and engage in healthy relationships. All the medicine in the world may not likely heal a person if the cause is still present as in the case of conventional doctors comfortably responding with consequential medications or abrasive surgery versus identifying root causes.

After giving birth to Olivia then Winston (sans epidural), people marveled at my state of health. Three kids (who’ve never eaten school lunch), two jobs, school, and a habit of self-care, yet I feel a cut above my teens, twenties, and thirties. I am evidence that diet, mentality, and lifestyle play a vital contribution in aging gracefully with vitality.

I’m passionately dedicated to helping people heal and educating children in healthy practices. If I’m not playing four square in the backyard, traveling, cooking or finding a bougie farm-to-table café with the family then you’ll likely spot me practicing meditation, Muay Thai, tennis, yoga, or with a biochemistry book in hand.

How did the name The Healthy Elephants come about? Elephants are revered as the sacred national animal of Thailand. Thais believe elephants represent strength, loyalty, good luck, wisdom, longevity, and compassion. Being a Thai health enthusiast, this is how the name The Healthy Elephants was formed.

How did THE supplements begin? Amongst schooling in supplements, working with clients, and my father’s right arm tremor, I was set out to find a clean B-complex and was not completely satisfied with any formula. Either the forms are acceptable but there are toxic fillers, amount wasn’t ideal, form isn’t optimal, or formula is incomplete. Andrea, a dear friend who is a non-toxic beauty and household product connoisseur, was aware of my background and suggested I create one. I was adamant about producing a truly clean, bioavailable, quintessential potency of B-complex that I would feel at peace having my father, clients, and myself take daily. I spent months relentlessly probing the supplement industry searching for a trustworthy manufacturer to partner with. Twenty one out of twenty two didn’t meet my standards, dodged questions, and said that in their extensive tenure in the industry, they’ve never come across anyone who would ask the questions I posed. I scouted unyieldingly and eventually unearthed a rare one I trust. Ergo, my fourth baby BALANCE was born.

“Health is about the life you gain.”

Thanks for visiting.

With love and gratitude,